i get cold reach outs from local HPC/GPU clouds and i want to support them but the conversation tends to peter out when i say we need on-demand burst access to 175-350 GPUs for between 2 and 48 hours at a time.

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Two times to be grateful for the US’s “only a natural born citizen can be President” clause: in the 70’s when Kissinger was a political force; and right now.

so @jlperidot publishes a lovely weekly email called One Nice Thing and recently she asked "How would you describe your personal style?"

It made me think about what I've always wanted as a personal style and discover that I do in fact live that life: az.id.au/personal/2022/11/28/p

damn they made an entire festival for goths of unknown genders.

Rammstein's Adieu is announcing their breakup - as they're going to work on the cinematic score for a Games Workshop movie set in 40k that will have a single flashback to the Great Crusade where Henry Cavill makes a cameo - the Emperor turning to make a pronouncement to his legions.

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My uncle Jack (James) knew how to treat scabs. Blew up the pumps that flooded the Collieburn coal mine in 1910 and got them out. A riot at the train station when the judge arrived for the trial forced the cops to release him without charge and the coal mine went on to operate as a cooperative.

This is the shit that Billionaires want to make sure doesn't happen again.

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good summer potato salad recipe:

* 85g natural yoghurt
* 6Tbsp olive oil
* 2Tbsp lemon juice
* bunch of chopped fresh chives
* 125g cubed bacon, cooked till crispy
* sea salt, pepper
* 1kg diced potatoes

1. mix juice, oil, salt, pepper.
2. boil the potatoes until they're done (not hard, knife slides through), then drain and immediately;
3. toss everything together.

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I expect in several days there will be rumors around an Ebay breach because of this post, I checked the database, it is not from Ebay. Just a heads up.

How do I know? Checking across 20,000,000 emails from the leak for the word "Ebay" doesn't get any result

Typically in a large breach, it is easy to verify because people sign up with emails like alon+ebay@hudsonrock.com or ForEbay@gmail.com

i love that knowing look and smile hot goths give each other when they pass in a public place

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Optimist: The glass is ½ full.
Pessimist: The glass is ½ empty.
Excel: The glass is January 2nd.

we had a film crew at work yesterday and boss said i had to wear a collar. my initial suggestions were rebuffed so collared shirt it was.

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This is an old project, but by some miracle it's still working and I woke up this morning wanting to celebrate the things I love more.

This Inkplate e-ink screen shows Conway's Game of Life, seeded from tarpits I have on the Internet. The tarpits are programs on my computer that superficially look like insecure Telnet and Remote Desktop services, but actually exist to respond super slowly and make bots scanning the Internet 'get stuck'.

When a bot connects to the tarpit, the data it sends gets squished into a 5x5 grid and 'stamped' onto a Game of Life board. Data from a bot at the IP address 1.1.x.x will get stamped on the top left corner, data from a bot at 254.254.x.x will get stamped on the bottom right corner.

Conway's Game of Life, a set of simple rules that govern whether cells should turn on or off, updates the display once per second. The result is that bot attacks end up appearing as distinct 'creatures', that get bigger and more angry looking over time (as their centre is updated with new data). After the attack finishes, the 'creature' eventually burns itself out.

Despite that description, it's a really chill piece of art that doesn't draw too much attention but I can happily watch for a long time.

Credit for the idea goes to @_mattata, I had been wanting to make a real-life version of XKCD #350 for years before seeing his Botnet Fishbowl project.

#projects #inkplate #esp32 #eink #infosec #tarpit
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