damn they made an entire festival for goths of unknown genders.

Rammstein's Adieu is announcing their breakup - as they're going to work on the cinematic score for a Games Workshop movie set in 40k that will have a single flashback to the Great Crusade where Henry Cavill makes a cameo - the Emperor turning to make a pronouncement to his legions.

we had a film crew at work yesterday and boss said i had to wear a collar. my initial suggestions were rebuffed so collared shirt it was.


Last night I made paella and we enjoyed dinner on the balcony, the weather was perfect.

kink (not mine i don't think) 

i hate when people post this in response to someone fawning about authoritarian suckups because this is pic actually kinda hot ngl

goog/SaaS outages: i'm sorry we were down for 1 hour this year, we will publish a 30 page write up on what happened

my local weather radar: you are like a little baby, watch this

for anyone interested, a water/sea shader like this is pretty simple in Blender.

for the surface i used a really deep blue, the important part is 0 roughness (to get the reflective quality.

the displacement to create the waves in the bottom half is mixing two noise shaders - one for the big waves and one for the choppy wind texture, and limit the upper end of the output to reduce the scale.

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I got to go outside today!

The jacarandas are in bloom. 😊

Today is my first wedding anniversary, i'm stuck in iso, and Nikki gave me a box with 365 paper cranes, one for every day we've been married. 💚💜


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