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@falcon yeah, auditors (even some internal security ones) don't have context for the system or how it's set up - putting all the onus on rebuttals instead of doing the ground work to understand how it works and why those findings aren't valid.


@SmudgeTheInsultCat @Ex_spurt isn't this just Jonathan Kay the editor from Quillette?

@Ex_spurt farm it out to ex-Buzzfeed writers on fiverr?

i get cold reach outs from local HPC/GPU clouds and i want to support them but the conversation tends to peter out when i say we need on-demand burst access to 175-350 GPUs for between 2 and 48 hours at a time.

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Two times to be grateful for the US’s “only a natural born citizen can be President” clause: in the 70’s when Kissinger was a political force; and right now.

@shmouflon we need a ScorpInc Temporal Virtual Assistant who can scan your timeline and get all the missed todos from the past and the upcoming todos not yet known.

@shmouflon i totally feel this. i once took half a day just making sure i had all the todos and priorities down and trying to work out what might be missing or not fully fleshed out

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@Ex_spurt did you tell her that you saw on Sky News that those are all Russian psy-ops to sow discord preceding an invasion by the recombined soviet states?

@midendian huh, maybe our packaging is some weird Aussie thing and not super universal. i guess like our tomato sauce sachets used to be?

Mauna Loa Volcano erupting 

@Developit stay safe!

Elnos bedside table pic 

@Ex_spurt very Milhouse's Dad energy.

so @jlperidot publishes a lovely weekly email called One Nice Thing and recently she asked "How would you describe your personal style?"

It made me think about what I've always wanted as a personal style and discover that I do in fact live that life:

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