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I'm at 58 books finished of my goal of 60 for the year and I'm so excited. If I hit it, it will be the most books I've ever read in one year.

I've already gone past my highest page count. ^_^

I remember a friend did procurement for a govt research centre and nvidia was trying to upsell them on datacentre edition cards (10x cost) because the licensing restrictions mean you can't use normal RTX if you're letting other people use your infrastructure.

so they created a combined org who would run the datacentre AND workloads that any other science org needed and just bought the consumer RTX.

kink (not mine i don't think) 

i hate when people post this in response to someone fawning about authoritarian suckups because this is pic actually kinda hot ngl

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Today's listening as it's a pretty normal standard kinda day.

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I realised I haven't run a discount on Unsafe Warnings in a long time, so for no particular reason at all it's 15% off everything from now until the end of Sunday (20th Nov). Enjoy.

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So. This one time. I got my days wrong and ended up alone in a room with my boss and the President of Ireland while I was on ketamine.

haematologists are the phlebotomist's philatelist.

goog/SaaS outages: i'm sorry we were down for 1 hour this year, we will publish a 30 page write up on what happened

my local weather radar: you are like a little baby, watch this

for anyone interested, a water/sea shader like this is pretty simple in Blender.

for the surface i used a really deep blue, the important part is 0 roughness (to get the reflective quality.

the displacement to create the waves in the bottom half is mixing two noise shaders - one for the big waves and one for the choppy wind texture, and limit the upper end of the output to reduce the scale.

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To accelerate 2023 planning each manager will receive 9 copies of "The Mythical Man Month"

i saw a thing on facebook about blood donations for cat and i was looking at how to register before i realised it meant your cat donating blood, not you.

with twitter burning, what alternative addictions do people recommend that sucks your time and energy and in return slowly rot your brain?

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Please, use alt-text/descriptions on all your images. it makes life better for everyone, and it only takes a minute. the web interface even has OCR to help.

and, if you can stand it, don’t boost anything that doesn’t have alt-text. make it the norm

#AltText #accessibility

weight loss 

I'm down 14kg (to 82.5kg) since the start of the year and I just had to knife a new notch into my belt this morning because my pants kept falling down.

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If tomorrow isn't the due date, then today isn't the do date.

it's 2013 and you're starting a new web project. your biggest concerns are whether to use Bootstrap or Foundation. you download a minified version of jQuery. you're ready to code.

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